Blue ringers (Psilocybe stuntzii)


Psilocybe stuntzii is one of the “blue ringers” of the Pacific Northwest

Strain Origin: Washington (USA)

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buy Blue ringers online is a robust psychedelic and should never ever be mixed with other brain-altering substances. In this article’s a rundown of the effects of psilocybin from Psilocybe stuntzii when ingested together with common medications.

buy Blue ringers online is discovered rising scattered to gregarious to cespitose, seldom solitary, in conifer Wooden chips and bark mulch, in soils rich in woody debris, As well as in new lawns of freshly laid sod or any freshly mulched yard through the entire western region with the Pacific Northwest.[2] It appears from late July through December, remaining noticed all yr extensive while in the Seattle region, also reportedly showing up in California, seldom as considerably south as Santa Cruz.

Blue Ringers are a lot less strong than most other well-known psychoactive mushrooms, demanding doses Pretty much ten moments the scale of that useful for P. cubensis to get the very same outcome.magic mushrooms were named right after American mycologist Daniel Stuntz with the College of Washington, exactly where this species was initially discovered expanding within the campus.The effects of using Blue Ringers are fundamentally the effects of using psilocybin, a psychoactive compound located in numerous mushroom species and utilized for leisure, spiritual, and medicinal applications.Description Supplemental data Critiques (0) Psilocybe stuntzii, generally known as Stuntz’s blue legs and blue ringers can be a rare psilocybin mushroom that only grows to the West Coast of your US and Canada, possessing psilocybin and psilocin as most important Energetic compounds. It is not Specially well-known among the recreational buyers, although it does have the benefit of fruiting into the Winter season when expanding wild.Don’t just can get you a no cost field guide but you’re going to get special usage of floor breaking research, and special discounts.



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