Morning glory seeds

The blossom so tailored looking that it seems to have been man-made. This is not as aggressive as most Morning Glory’s which is a real plus.


This little lovely will take your breath away with its deep blue double blossoms, with a bright pink throat, that are outlined in a brilliant white, on a 5-6 foot vine. Though sometimes they will also produce a double blossom, here or there, on the same vine, when the daytime temperature is sweltering.

Each seed package, contains total instructions on how to propagate the seeds, which are always a generous offering, the history, or folklore surrounding the plant, and any medicinal properties it is known for.

Each seed package can also become a page in the gardening book, which helps you follow how your efforts are working. The garden book is a tough 1/2 page 3-ring binder, with rubber spine and front edges, great for the out of doors. Inside are protective sleeves for your seed packages to slip into, and behind that are sheets of graft paper for planning, and a plastic envelope that will hold the name tags of other plants you have purchased, name tag markers, pens, etc


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